Hi there!

My name is Dilyan and I am a Software Engineer.

In my free time I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy books and watching Marvel movies, Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, and Game of Thrones. Aquariums are a great hobby of mine that helps me relax after a long day of work. I am passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures, as well as learning about AI and machine learning, AWS, nodejs, Typescript, and Python. I am also dedicated to working on projects that help people do more and create more value. I am blessed to have a wonderful wife, two daughters, a dog, and a cat that are my world.

In my free time I also enjoy practicing my Jedi mind tricks and perfecting my lightsaber skills. I may not be a real Jedi yet, but with enough training, who knows what the future holds! Just don't ask me to use the Force to fix your computer - I'm still working on that one.

Say hi [email protected]